Ranked #23 top Azure Blog to follow in 2020

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This Monday I was surpsied by an email saying that my blog has been ranked #23 top Azure Blog to follow in 2020!

And this was only possible because of your interest in the content I am sharing here, SO… I really appreciate your interest, and THANKS FOR READING.

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Also, I would like to thank Feedspot, to award the most influent blogs in different areas so we can always pursue the extra mile to share quality and meaningful content in our area of expertise!

I am thrilled to share this great news with you, and to tell that I am going to continue the hard work to bring more experiences, and technical Azure stuff.

And for those who are interested to find more great blogs about Azure, please visit https://blog.feedspot.com/microsoft_azure_blogs/

And that’s it!

I hope you liked it, and I’ll see you on my next post.

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