Why AZ-900 became the next big thing?

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Have you wondered why AZ-900 became the next big thing? And I believe I might have a good explanation to share, keep going…

Nowadays, the exam AZ-900 : Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is the entry level for those who want to start their careers in the Cloud Computing area as well as to test their knowledge about cloud and, also, Microsoft Azure.

Why it became the next big thing?

A few years ago, the certifications had as its target audience the professional who are already exposed to the tecnologies which they wanted to validate their knowledge through the recognition of major technology companies, such as: Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM.

For being an entry level certification, the AZ-900, widens the horizon around its target audience and seeks for non-technical professionals but who are involved in some way with the cloud solutions and services.

And, last but not least, being recognized as a Microsoft Certified Professional.

I already work with Infrastructure, Cloud and related IT stuff, do I have to take this exam?

Absolutely! Because in addition to validating your expertise, and here I speak from my own experience, it filled some gaps and helped to strengthen the foundation of my knowledge about cloud.

I am not a technical person but I need to work sometimes with cloud and related topics, should I take this exam?

In my humble opinion, you should do it! At the very minimum, study the reference material and learn more about it. It certainly won’t harm and might help to better assist with the requests directioned to you.

How do I study for this exam? Do I have to pay?

There are many ways to study for an exam, for the AZ-900 in particular, I would recommend to go to Microsoft Learn, and study for free with the available material there.


How will my skills be measure?

Microsoft often updates the certification content, and the latest updates will be reflected on exams taken on May 28, 2020. You can download the exam skills outline here

  • Describe cloud concepts (15-20%)
  • Describe core Azure services (30-35%)
  • Describe security, privacy, compliance, and trust (25-30%)
  • Describe Azure pricing, Service Level Agreements, and Lifecycles (20-25%)

What’s the exam cost?

The cost vary from country to country, in the US the cost is US$99

Where can I take the exam?

You can take at an official practicer test or at home, by scheduling a proctored exam.
In order to take the exam at home, you should check some requirements prior to schedule it here.

Which languages is available for this exam?

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean

For more informations access the AZ-900 exam page here.

I hope you liked it, and I’ll see you on my next post.

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